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Elite Black Belt Academy

A Community Oriented Facility Promoting Fitness And Fun!

At Elite Black Belt Academy our classes are geared for men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our school has become a community of learning and growth and our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, age-specific Martial Arts and fitness training available to our community! We’ve taken the coolest parts of Martial Arts from a variety of styles and combined them into an action-packed curriculum that helps children build skills they can apply to every area of their life. Our innovative 6 Week Fitness Challenge has changed the way adults in Paterson and North Haledon get fit. Give yourself or your child the tools to become a person of strength, confidence, and pride with only the best at Elite Black Belt Academy!

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Our Dedicated Team

At Elite Black Belt Academy, we are dedicated to your success and that means pushing you beyond your self-imposed limits. We work hard to provide you with an incredible support system that will keep you motivated and energized!


Our Core Values

We are committed to serving you with family friendly training each and every day. We are first and foremost concerned with being your biggest support system and fitness advocate as you better yourself through our training programs.


Our Mission

From the youngest students in our SKILLZ program to the adults in our 6 week challenge, our central goal is to help you achieve physical, mental, and emotional health through exercise programs that are both rewarding and effective.


Our Promise

We pledge to keep you motivated and excited to train with us on a daily basis. All of our programs are built around sustainable training methods that help you see real results and maintain those results for years to come.


Kids Martial Arts

Are you looking for the best way to give your child a foundation for success? Well, we've got the answer. We are proud to offer you access to the world renowned SKILLZ Martial Arts system, where your child can take advantage of cutting-edge, age-specific classes that will help them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Fitness Classes

Are you ready to see results with the most efficient Fitness Classes in Paterson and North Haledon? Our 6 Week Fitness Challenge at Elite Black Belt Academy is changing the way people think about training and we're ready to show you how real the results can be when you combine cardio, strength training, fight club combinations, and self-defense.

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Elite Black Belt Academy Confidence & Self-Esteem in Paterson - Elite Black Belt Academy

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Whether you’re a student in our SKILLZ program or an adult in our 6 Week Fitness Challenge, there’s nothing more important than self-confidence to keep you going. Our training systems are built to help you feel more confident with constant support and achievement.

Elite Black Belt Academy Discipline & Self-Control in Paterson - Elite Black Belt Academy

Discipline & Self-Control

The SKILLZ Kids Martial Arts program is built around the core principles of discipline and self-control and your child will quickly learn both with the help of this innovative, age-specific system that caters to the unique need of children in varying developmental stages.

Elite Black Belt Academy Self-Defense in Paterson - Elite Black Belt Academy


Nobody ever wants to use self-defense skills in a real world situation. But it’s important to know them in case the situation ever does arise. Our classes build a foundation for that defense and aim to keep you safe from the many threats that kids and adults face today.

Elite Black Belt Academy New Friends & Mentors in Paterson - Elite Black Belt Academy

New Friends & Mentors

As a community oriented facility, we take pride in fostering an environment of teamwork and collaboration. At Elite Black Belt Academy, you won’t be working against your classmates, but instead alongside them to ensure that everyone has the chance to succeed.

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