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Miguel Lee reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
via Facebook

Very well structured classes, very professional, great environment and nice facility. My son is 3 and has been attending classes for only about a month and his growth is starting to show. His focus and physical abilities are getting much better. The staff is awesome. Highly recommended.

Sonia Vazquez Obando reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
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The teachers and staff are friendly. They focus on building the student's confidence by learning skills, while showing discipline. My daughter has been a student for a little over 2 years. They are family.

Juanita Boyd reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
via Facebook

I love elite black belt my son loves the program. He is getting a lot of discipline and confidence. Thank you Elite.

Piel Latina reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
via Facebook

They're the best, they really care about our kids, they not only teach them to defend themselves they teach them values like confidence, respect, discipline, they teach them to be a better person every day. I love this place and I'm very thankful with the teachers
Mr. Mohammad, Mr. Tarek, Mr. Ahmad and Miss Jaritza for their dedication, when we enrolled our daughter she was not doing so good, hitting kids at school, being disrespectful at home but she has changed a lot and we know is thank to Elite Black Belt Academy, these teachers make you feel like family and they really care about our kids future, they take time to have long talks to the kids when they are not doing good at school or home. I definitely recommend Elite Black Belt Academy 100% , bringing my daughter to them was the best decision my husband and I ever made.

Reyna Nena reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
via Facebook

I'm very thankful with Master Mohammed, Master Tarek and Ms. Jay, they are very caring instructors. Their Friendly and caring staff, variety of techniques, uplifting and encouraging environment. my son Renne(12) Hyper Pro training and my nephew Pedro(16) taking NINJA classes are giving them confidence and building their character.
Highly recommend!

Gabriela Benoit reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
via Facebook

I have been a part of this amazing family since the beginning! The instructors are the best! They push us past our limits and help us reach our goals!! Elite Black Belt Academy is a beautiful environment for all, children and adults! They will guide your children to a more positive lifestyle and way of thought! They'll give them confidence and the strength to fend off bullies, not only physically but emotionally as well! If you're looking for a great place that will keep you and yours active and push you beyond your limits this is the place to go!

Bebita Abreu reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
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They have the best Masters and Instructors and the best programs for every child as well !!!

Wesam Abedrabbo reviewed Elite Child Development Academy
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Great instructors who work with every child. Not a place just to get as many sign ups as possible but truly pushes children to do things the right way and gives them the proper attention

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Behavior Shaping- Implementing Reinforcement Schedules

Getting children to behave how we want them to can be tricky. Even with the best intentions, parents often fall short regarding enforcing positive behaviors in their children while also extinguishing negative ones. Understanding reinforcement schedules and strategies for implementing them can be beneficial to parents and create positive behavior outcomes and improve the parent-child bond.


Looking at B.F. Skinner’s behavior theory regarding Operant Conditioning, we know that the most effective way to increase positive behaviors is by catching children being good and rewarding them for a job well done. This, coupled with ignoring negative behaviors, can be the most effective combination regarding behavior management. But to take this a step further, implementing positive reinforcement in the most effective way requires forethought and should include a planned-out schedule, no matter what approach is chosen.


Believe it or not, children want to please their parents and other significant adults in their lives, but they also want to feel successful in their efforts. Implementing reinforcement schedules will establish both, but only when implemented correctly and with patience. Adults must understand that reinforcing good behavior and ignoring misbehavior is a long-term strategy that takes consistent efforts. Choosing a method of implementation, coupled with flexibility, can attain the best outcomes.

Various reinforcement schedules can be applied to improve positive behaviors and extinguish unwanted, negative actions.


1) Continuous: Reinforcement follows every time a wanted behavior occurs.

2) Intermittent: Reinforcement follows some, but not all, wanted behaviors.

3) Fixed Ratio: Reinforcement follows a behavior when it occurs a specified number of times.

4) Fixed Interval: Reinforcement follows a behavior within a fixed time interval with at least one wanted behavior occurring.

5) Variable Ratio: Reinforcement follows a behavior after an unpredictable number of times a behavior occurs.

6) Variable Interval: Reinforcement follows a behavior within an unpredictable amount of time with at least one wanted behavior occurring.

In parenting, if reinforcement is the primary strategy for behavior modification, parents often jump between different schedules. And while this may work for some children and

some behaviors, it may not work for others. Many factors play into the type of reinforcement schedule that will work best, including the child’s temperament, parenting style, mental challenges, and the specific behaviors that need to be reinforced or extinguished. Although continuous is the most effective for supporting wanted behaviors quickly, it can also cause those behaviors to stop when reinforcement stops. Switching to a variable ratio after an initial period of continuous reinforcement can create long term effectiveness for maintaining positive behaviors.


Incorporating any reinforcement schedule requires planning and patience. Parents must also be clear on the expectations of their children. Things such as “be good” do not give children any clarity of what they need to do or not do. When children understand why a specific behavior is good, they will be more motivated to succeed through effort and action. This approach ultimately lines up with the growth mindset theory. Additionally, using rewards that a child sees as valuable is vital.


The SKILLZ Child Development Centers utilize reinforcement for skill development and for shaping behavior. The Certified Pediatric Ninja Specialists who run each class create a supportive environment and build rapport with each student to be the most effective when implementing behavior modification strategies. The long-term approach of rewarding the development of new skills through extrinsic motivation while also fostering intrinsic motivation, leading to a growth mindset, sets the stage for each child’s success now and in future endeavors.


When we approach each child and each behavior with consistency and patience, we can reinforce positive behaviors that improve a child’s behavior and the bond they have with adults.