Teaching in 4D

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Teaching in 4D

Everyone likes PIES! This is pretty much a true statement in my opinion! Our staff here
at Elite Black Belt Academy are such huge fans that we take our PIES to the next level!
What do we mean when we say “PIES”?

P – Physically
I – Intellectually
E - Emotionally
S – Socially

The SKILLZ program’s continuing education materials allow our instructors to effectively
teach our students in these four dimensions!

P – Physically
Instructors look for benchmark SKILLZ in the Basic SKILLZ class like the ability to properly
perform exercises with good technique beyond 10 reps! This would be considered being
above their stage of development!

I – Intellectually
With the average Basic SKILLZ Beginner being able to retain 3 commands in total, we
know that if they struggle at the advanced level to perform the appropriate portion of
their form, we need to target our instruction to help increase their ability to retain

E – Emotionally
We have the understanding that a Basic SKILLZ student may need to be reminded of the
rules more than once. So instead of reprimanding them, we will instead choose an
alternate technique to nurture their Emotional stage of development.

S – Socially
Sometimes the Basic SKILLZ kids will also become very upset when they lose a game or
even become overly excited when they win. The instructors know that the next goal for
them would be to show great TEAMWORK in competitive situations.

What does this mean?

This means that from the beginning of the class until the very end, our instructors are
constantly evaluation their delivery of the instruction, as well as, their method of

Sometimes we receive questions in regards to why or why not certain behaviors were
not addressed or why more instruction wasn’t given to a student. Often, the reason the
staff did not do this may have been:

• The mentioned level of instruction was above the student’s Stage of Development
• There were more factors that were contributing to the behavior and a different route
of instruction would produce faster results from our experience
• The level of performance demonstrated was appropriate for the purpose of the drill
Every student is at a unique point in each four of the aforementioned stages of
development. This is what helps drive their individuality and our Instructors work to
nurture each student in a specific manner to help them learn and grow with the goal of
becoming better versions of themselves!

Parents always want the best for their children and will always be passionate about their
progress and performance. This is why our parents are so awesome! It is important that
when parents coach their children at home, between drills or while on the mat, that we
all share the same vision. A student that receives two (or more) different methods of
instruction can quickly become demotivated because it is too hard for them to live up to
both expectations. For this reason, communication between parents and instructors is
key when /if the parents have any concerns.

If you have any questions about your child’s journey feel free to contact us anytime!

Master Tarek Alnatur

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