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Juanita Boyd reviewed Elite Black Belt Academy
via Facebook

I love elite black belt my son loves the program. He is getting a lot of discipline and confidence. Thank you Elite.

Piel Latina reviewed Elite Black Belt Academy
via Facebook

They're the best, they really care about our kids, they not only teach them to defend themselves they teach them values like confidence, respect, discipline, they teach them to be a better person every day. I love this place and I'm very thankful with the teachers
Mr. Mohammad, Mr. Tarek, Mr. Ahmad and Miss Jaritza for their dedication, when we enrolled our daughter she was not doing so good, hitting kids at school, being disrespectful at home but she has changed a lot and we know is thank to Elite Black Belt Academy, these teachers make you feel like family and they really care about our kids future, they take time to have long talks to the kids when they are not doing good at school or home. I definitely recommend Elite Black Belt Academy 100% , bringing my daughter to them was the best decision my husband and I ever made.

Reyna Nena reviewed Elite Black Belt Academy
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I'm very thankful with Master Mohammed, Master Tarek and Ms. Jay, they are very caring instructors. Their Friendly and caring staff, variety of techniques, uplifting and encouraging environment. my son Renne(12) Hyper Pro training and my nephew Pedro(16) taking NINJA classes are giving them confidence and building their character.
Highly recommend!

Gabriela Benoit reviewed Elite Black Belt Academy
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I have been a part of this amazing family since the beginning! The instructors are the best! They push us past our limits and help us reach our goals!! Elite Black Belt Academy is a beautiful environment for all, children and adults! They will guide your children to a more positive lifestyle and way of thought! They'll give them confidence and the strength to fend off bullies, not only physically but emotionally as well! If you're looking for a great place that will keep you and yours active and push you beyond your limits this is the place to go!

Bebita Abreu reviewed Elite Black Belt Academy
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They have the best Masters and Instructors and the best programs for every child as well !!!

Wesam Abedrabbo reviewed Elite Black Belt Academy
via Facebook

Great instructors who work with every child. Not a place just to get as many sign ups as possible but truly pushes children to do things the right way and gives them the proper attention

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Nurturing Children’s Social Development During the Pandemic

For the past two months, we have been asked to socially distance ourselves from others in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. We’ve put most of our “normal” daily living routines on pause and created a secluded environment for ourselves and our children. And while many things are in a holding pattern, one thing that has not taken a break is children’s development. And yes, we are living in unprecedented times but as the world begins the “re-opening” effort, we must prepare ourselves and our children for what our social lives will look like moving forward.

Children’s social development is being impacted by the guidelines surrounding social distancing. They are no longer able to attend school and interact with their teachers and friends and most parents are also limiting their children’s time spent going on errands as well. Therefore, their ability to interact with others is limited. And what’s worse is that many people have taken the term “social distancing” to mean that they cannot interact with others at all. The stress of getting sick has instilled fear in our minds and caused many to avoid eye contact and greeting others, in addition to staying 6 ft. apart.

For children, “social distancing” can be confusing, especially when parents are avoiding others on all levels. And while the intention of this phrase is good, it has sent the wrong message. What we need to teach children is to “physically distance” themselves from others. This term tells them to maintain distance while also letting them know that eye contact and greetings are okay. This way, children learn what they should do to avoid getting sick while also learning and reinforcing the necessary social skills.

In order to meet children’s social development needs, parents must find ways to teach social skills by providing children with creative opportunities for this. One way to start this is by parents role-playing social scenarios. This will be especially important since in-person social interactions will look different as daily activities resume. And while most families have continued to connect with extended family via video chats, parents should also have time set aside for virtual play dates or classes where children can interact with other adults and their peers.

Through the SKILLZ program, children around the world have continued to engage with their peers and instructors while under stay at home orders. Since SKILLZ focuses on developing the whole child, each class targets social skills that are appropriate for a certain age group. And while it’s a bit different now that classes are done virtually, instructors are still able to create interactions between students and allow time to check in with them. Nurturing children’s social development, during this time, is vital in preparing them for interactions with others again.

While we don’t know, yet, what the long-term effects of social isolation on our children will look like, what we do know is that children will be different. To help mitigate any regression in social development, we must take the time now to form a unity between parents and the community and invest in our children’s social growth. By doing this, we are preparing them for success and helping them feel confident in knowing how to interact with others in a safe, yet compassionate way.